I build businesses which complement one another, giving me the ability to cross-promote and drive skills & experience from one business to another.

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I’m Giles Cooper: an energetic and enthusiastic Entrepreneur that loves challenges; constantly striving to better myself and encourage others. I maximise my potential to its fullest every moment of every day and will share my inspiration, aspirations and motivation with you on this website. Within a 7 year period, I built and lost everything TWICE. By learning massive lessons in life, and spending more time with my two fantastic children, keeping fit and making contacts, I created and developed the entrepreneurial spirit that leads me to where I am today. “Passion, experience, adaptation and diversification are key to a successful business life.” Giles


“Wake up everyone! We are living in the 21st Century, on the go 24/7, 365, get real and get on it! If you know you’ve got it in you to succeed but need that extra push and motivation, let’s work together to change your life.”


“Work hard dream big”

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