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I genuinely think that I am one of those most annoying people that wake up every morning looking forward to my daily/work business day. Because I love every moment of every day, I really do!

Ever since leaving school at sixteen and a half, I’ve been blessed with this personal trait.

From 1987 to 1999, my passion for work was in the tennis industry, not only coaching, retailing, promoting and playing but building a strong team of coaches, running sporting holidays, UK and European tennis camps, local municipal sites and clubs.

Taking advantage of the late 1990s property boom and general mortgage facilities, I managed to build a strong portfolio of HMOs (Houses with Multiple Occupation) and worked on ‘flipping’ (buying then selling quickly) new builds and simple refurbs.

Then a mixture of creative flair, coincidence and a small dollop of luck led me to the ever expanding hair and barbering industry, allowing me to grow/manage a chain of shops across the South West of England.

Due to the success of this venture, I now have the time to spend looking for new business opportunities, whether it be in the hospitality or entertainment industries … or wherever.

I have a philosophy that when you are really busy, say YES to another idea because I always feel that one idea leads to another which leads to another. They all tend to cross-pollenise each other. Strangely, some of the best ideas have been when I haven’t even been thinking of an idea.


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